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We are happy that you wish to join Afrocentricity International. Together we should and can organize ourselves to achieve better economic, politic, educational and spiritual life conditions throughout the world.

A charter may be issued to seven or more citizens of any community who embrace the spirit and objectives of Afrocentricity International and wish to start a local division of the organization provided that there is no chartered division already in existence in such a community.The Objectives of Afrocentricity International are to:

  1. Unconditionally pursue African renaissance;
  2. Identify proper sources of African knowledge pertaining to cultural, economic, and social phenomena;
  3. Analyze and critique domination in all circles and rescue language, symbols, historical documents and monuments in the name of a renascent people;
  4. Encourage the generation of new economic initiatives and businesses;
  5. Create and disseminate ideas that center people of African descent in their own historical experiences as a way of converting problems into solutions;
  6. Reground African people in their own ancestral traditions and rituals; provide legal assistance to individuals or groups of individuals who belong to the African community; and
  7. LInfluence all African public policy in every continent and every country in order to accelerate the rise of Afrocentric consciousness, the hallmark of a true African renaissance.

Any person interested in applying for a charter to create a division of Afrocentricity International should fill out the Application form:

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