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The Mission of Afrocentricity International Featured

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Afrocentricity International supports the economic, cultural and educational elevation of African people in an effort to create cultural consciousness. Its method is Afrocentric and Pan African, participating at the national and international levels in the creation of an advanced cadre of individuals whose aim is to bring into existence an African renaissance. Its members are committed to do all that they can to encourage the rise of African consciousness and the creation of the United States of Africa in order to give back to Africa its greatness and sacredness. The motto of the organization is “Unity is our Aim, Victory is our Destiny!” May each one in the world be free from oppression and free to exist on their own terms for if a few try to oppress the majority, and try to suppress it, insanity and violence are bound to be present in the world. Afrocentrists, in the spirit of Maat, seek peace, harmony, justice, order, balance and truth.

Dr.  Ama Mazama, Per-aa International

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante International Representative



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