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FORT JACQUES, HAITI., Jan 25, 6256/2020​ – A​frocentricity International Haiti Chapter opens the first Afrocentric Learning and Cultural Safeguard Center in Ayiti.
On January 16, 2019, at 3 pm, the Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court confirmed the acquittal and immediate release of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo and his Minister Blé Goudé, who had been charged with crimes against humanity. The charges are consecutive to the November 2010 presidential election. By acquitting President Laurent Gbagbo and Minister Charles Blé Goudé, the First Instance Chamber of the International Criminal Court exposes the lightness of the prosecution case. This decision offers a chance for the normalization of the political and social life in Ivory Coast and opens new perspectives for the African…
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AI's 7th annual convention

Written by Seti Dibanda
Afrocentricity International wishes to celebrate the anti-racist and freedom loving life of Mother Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. She was in her own right an international leader who always spoke up for African people. Her voice was clarion and her vision impeccable. Her marriage to Nelson Mandela and her anti-apartheid activism meant that millions of South Africans came to refer to her as the “Mother of the Nation.” Clearly, she led the struggle to free Mandela and made his name a household word throughout the world. In her visits to African nations, Europe, and America she broadcast the brutality of the apartheid regime…
Here another food for thought on the last black panter movie. This is not Afrocentricity International's offical position on the movie but we just want to give echo to some critics about the movie here. Please click here to read more: WISHING FOR WAKANDA, MAROONED IN AMERICA
Here some food for thought on the last black panter movie. This is not Afrocentricity International's offical position on the movie but we just want to give echo to some critics about the movie here. Please click here to read more: Black Panther thread
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Afrocentricity International condemns in the loudest voice possible the ignorant racist comments of Donald Trump the President of the United States of America about Haiti and African nations. Trump’s assault on the Haitian people, the people of El Salvador, and the African continent confirms him as the leading white supremacist in the political arena. He has surpassed even the racist Le Pen family of France in his vitriol against other people. Trump called the African countries “shithole nations” in a meeting with several other white male legislators. He wondered why the United States did not have “more people from Norway”…
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Now that the transition to the Presidency of Zimbabwe has been made from the Honorable Robert Mugabe to his First Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Afrocentricity International warns the external vultures to stay out of the political affairs of the country. The world has seen an impressive demonstration of the transfer of power from one leader to another without a coup d’etat and without bloodshed. There will always be charlatans who will discover something wrong with this shift of power from the Old Master to the new leader, but we cannot be concerned with the pundits and ignorant chants of those…
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Afrocentricity International condemns the auctioning of Africans as persons to be enslaved in the country of Libya. We are expressly outraged by the callousness of the Libyan government and the indifference shown by the African Union to the plight of African people at the hands of the Arab Libyans. Africans from Niger, Ghana, Senegal, Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, and other nations have been summarily “sold” to Arabs who steal their labor and abuse them physically and psychologically. We easily and correctly condemn European racism but we must be willing to condemn the racism practiced by Arabs who have a longer history…
Afrocentricity International condemns the racist actions of the Colombian government against the African people of Buenaventura, Colombia. The historic agreement forced upon the city government on Monday, June 5, 2017, will live in our international history. We support the legitimate demands of a people long oppressed by the ruling elites who have ignored until recently the culture, history, and struggle of the people whose labor was stolen to increase the wealth of the whites in the brutal mining industry, sugar cane industry, and import-export business. Buenaventura has nearly 800,000 people, nearly 90% black in American terms, and is the heart…
The Movement Pou Lagwiyann Dékolé (“Save Guiana”) began almost three weeks ago in so-called French Guiana, in South America. Schools, businesses, stores, the university, gas stations, the airport, as well as the port are closed. Road barricades strategically erected are considerably slowing the pace of life so that people may take the time to seriously reflect upon the situation in which Guiana finds itself as a result of French exploitation. Afrocentricity International considers that the demands of our sisters and brothers from Guiana for greater social, economic, cultural, and let us say it, racial justice, are totally legitimate.  France, which…
AI Colombia organized an event in February 2017 forchildren and familiesin Palo Seco, a Buenaventura's neighborhood, where African Colombian families are struggling politically, economically and culturally. AI Colombia focused on the history of the educationof Black people in general, the necessity for community organizing, and economic empowerment.
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