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Afrocentricity International Supports the Heroic People of Buenaventura

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Afrocentricity International condemns the racist actions of the Colombian government against the African people of Buenaventura, Colombia. The historic agreement forced upon the city government on Monday, June 5, 2017, will live in our international history. We support the legitimate demands of a people long oppressed by the ruling elites who have ignored until recently the culture, history, and struggle of the people whose labor was stolen to increase the wealth of the whites in the brutal mining industry, sugar cane industry, and import-export business. Buenaventura has nearly 800,000 people, nearly 90% black in American terms, and is the heart of Colombia’s fight for equality and justice. How could a city and a people who produce such much for the country, as its number one port city, not have clean drinking water, functioning schools, health care, and a fully funded university? It should not be possible for African leaders in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, or any other African nation or the US Congressional Black Caucus to allow the Colombians to “persecute” with impunity black people without questioning the Colombian authorities.

Our International Organizer, Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, has traveled on two occasions to Colombia and has always returned with the belief that Colombia which has the third largest black population in the Americas after Brazil and the United States, should be on our agenda for conscious raising activities. Thus, the protests of our people in Buenaventura have inspired us to act in the best interest of freedom, justice, and equality.

Afrocentricity International asks, “How could African American and African leaders with power have missed the long oppression of our brothers and sisters in Colombia and not do something?”

We are appealing to the Colombian government that has entered into an agreement with the courageous and heroic people of Buenaventura, the largest seaport in Colombia, and one of the blackest cities in South America, to institute affirmative action programs that will alleviate the iron boot of the racist superstructure. Not only has the government of Colombia suppressed the people it has suppressed the people’s history and culture so that the masses of people do not know the narratives of their great history. We declare our supreme alliance with the heroes of Buenaventura and call for this type of support from the worldwide African people. We especially ask the Brazilian brothers and sisters in South America to watch the situation in Colombia. We further ask all Spanish-speaking Africans to give their attention to this problem. Our chapters and members in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Puerto Rico should be alert to the problems in Colombia.

AI will work for the interests of the people in Buenaventura and other regions, especially in Choco, where our people have suffered in the sugar cane plantations. Up mighty people, support one another and defeat all racists in our time!

Unity is our Aim; Victory is our Destiny! .

Peraat Ama Mazama, Afrocentricity International

International Organizer Molefi Kete Asante

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