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Now that the transition to the Presidency of Zimbabwe has been made from the Honorable Robert Mugabe to his First Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Afrocentricity International warns the external vultures to stay out of the political affairs of the country.

The world has seen an impressive demonstration of the transfer of power from one leader to another without a coup d’etat and without bloodshed. There will always be charlatans who will discover something wrong with this shift of power from the Old Master to the new leader, but we cannot be concerned with the pundits and ignorant chants of those who want revenge and blood.

Robert Mugabe is an African hero and we must not allow those who seek to destroy the African spirit to despoil his name. Of course, he was not perfect; no leader has ever been perfect. However, no one can claim that he did not love his people. No one can ever accuse him of selling out his nation or the principles of freedom and liberation fought for during the Second Chimurenga.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces under General Constantino Chiwenga recognized the historical moment and made the right decision to protect history, the people, the ruling party, and the presidency. It is an African demonstration of Maat in the best sense of the term, balance, order, and harmony.  Yes, AI knows that the future will see disputes, discussions, and debates but in the end Zimbabweans must unite to demand the removal of the sanctions placed on the country by the West.

Afrocentricity International will condemn any Zimbabwean who works with outsiders to overturn the people’s revolution in order to re-enslave the masses to the economic domination by white racist interests. There will be individuals, blacks and whites, who will conspire against the new government and we call for vigilance among the war veterans and those who understand the meaning of the struggle against white minority rule under the former Rhodesia. Long Live Freedom in Zimbabwe!


Unity is our Aim; Victory is our Destiny!

Peraat of AI, Dr. Ama Mazama

International Organizer, Dr. Molefi Kete Asante


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