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Afrocentricity International condemns in the loudest voice possible the ignorant racist comments of Donald Trump the President of the United States of America about Haiti and African nations. Trump’s assault on the Haitian people, the people of El Salvador, and the African continent confirms him as the leading white supremacist in the political arena. He has surpassed even the racist Le Pen family of France in his vitriol against other people.

Trump called the African countries “shithole nations” in a meeting with several other white male legislators. He wondered why the United States did not have “more people from Norway” rather than Haiti, Latin America, or Africa. This is the language of a deplorable person.  

Trump’s recent racist comments are in his tradition of attacking people for their religion, race, nationality, and ethnicity. His attack on Nigerians without understanding any thing about Africa’s biggest economy and most populous nation and his assault on the proud Haitians who have been punished by the American government and the French for their boldness in defeating Napoleon’s army should be condemned by all Afrocentrists and we urge our chapters to speak up against Trump’s racism and any other racism. We cannot allow the assertion of white racial superiority to advance as a normal way of thinking in the contemporary world. It is a backward, barbaric, ignorant way of thinking and Afrocentricity International condemns all practitioners of racism.

One way to look at Trump’s urgent demand that the US legislators stop immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, and other South American nations, and the African continent is in demographic terms.  Peraat Ama Mazama declared in a recent paper that there are political implications for the future of white supremacy in  demographic data. Accordint to Peraat Mazama, “Nigeria is expected to have the third highest population total in the world by 2050” (Mazama, Ama, “Demographic Trends: Political Implications and the Future of White Supremacy,” The Asante, Year 4, vol. 2, June 1, 2016, p. 1). Furthermore, the average age of Africans is 19 and the average age of Europeans is 49. Trump and his white nationalists friends appear to have a belief that the USA is becoming darker too fast. He wants to have more people in the USA from “Norway.”  Of course, this indicates a specific desire for white immigrants to the United States. It goes without saying that some of the highest achievers in the United States have been people from the African continent. Even now, African immigrants have the highest level of education in the United States.  Facts do not matter to racists, but our position is opposition and resistance to racism.


Unity is our Aim; Victory is our Destiny!

Dr. Ama Mazama, Peraat, Afrocentricity International

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, International Organizer, AI

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