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The AI forum participation Chart specifies the terms of use of this forum, and the behaviors that are expected in this forum. In case of violation of these terms, the forum’s moderators are entitled to delete messages.

Applicable Laws and Ownership of Forum

The forum is edited by the organization Afrocentricity International, and is subjected to U.S. rules and regulations. Afrocentricity International retains complete ownership of its content, of its structure and of the technologies used for its exploitation (texts, documents that can be uploaded, images, icons, formatting, graphic chart, style, data banks, applications, scripts, without this list being exhaustive).

Protection of Individual Rights

The forum respects authors’ rights and intellectual property. Citations and references, to the extent possible, also include the means to access original sources. Users are asked to respect individuals’ rights and to make the same effort. Inasmuch as its human and technical means allow it to do so, Afrocentricity International will attend to users’ failure to indicate their sources of information, but under no circumstances can it be held responsible for an omission, deficiency or mistake made by a user.

Respect for Public Order and Morality

Afrocentricity International (AI) is committed to withdrawing any article written by its Bureau or one of its members, one of its users, and generally speaking anything that is related to its site, which shall interfere with other people’s rights, or undermines public order and morality, as defined under the law.

It is committed to do all that it can to verify the accuracy of information disseminated on its site. However, it only controls elements produced by its Bureau. For all other pieces of information shared by users of the forum, Afrocentricity International does not have the technical, material and human means to proceed to a strict verification

A team of moderators are responsible for filtering messages and comments. However, it can only act a posteriori. As a user of this site, you are urged to let the moderator know about any violation of public order and morality by filling out the appropriate form.

Responsibility of the Team of Moderators

It is important to remember that the the purpose of the forum is to provide a space where information about the historical and cultural experiences of the African people can be shared.

Given its community nature, Afrocentricity International does not intend to guarantee that all opinions expressed or messages posted are legitimate, nor does it intend to endorse any particular opinion, since the statements posted only reflect the thinking of their respective authors. Under no circumstances can one expect direct or indirect compensation from Afrocentricity International.

Main Rules to be Observed by Users

The questions asked and the answers offered by users must respect this chart. Otherwise, they will be deleted by the moderators. Indeed, the use of this forum for commercial or advertising purposes is forbidden. Thus, the listing of telephone numbers, email addresses or URL links is prohibited. Messages must abide by current legislation. Are prohibited :

  • Any infringement of an individual’s private life (mention of a third party without their explicit consent);
  • Slander, insults, incitement to crime and offense, incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence;
  • Reproduction, representation or distribution of a copyrighted document.

Users’ Rights and Obligations

Any person using the AI Forum must respect authors’ intellectual property rights. S/he must be particularly careful about not reproducing or distributing documents published in this forum on other forums or other venues without the authors’ agreement.

Any user may nonetheless reproduce the content of this forum within the context of private consultation, or reproduce and distribute short excerpts of a message for the purpose of obtaining further information or doing research, while citing AI Forum’s name as well as the name of the message’s author (pseudonym).

Articles may be used for strictly personal purposes. Any modification must be approved, except when stipulated otherwise on the site. Any use for purposes other than personal must be approved by Afrocentricity International.

Afrocentricity International grants itself the right to approve the distribution or specific use of its articles, in accordance with current laws.

Penalties for Violating this Chart

Measures will be taken to warn, and eventually take action against a user who would not respect this Chart. This includes temporary monitoring, with limited access to the forum or even temporary or final denial of participation.
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