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SUJET : Presentation of the Forum

Presentation of the Forum il y a 6 ans 7 mois #1

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Purpose of the Forum

The Ai Forum is part of Afrocentricity Internation’s site,, and Afrocentricity International has exclusive ownership of all intellectual property rights as far as content as concerned.

It provides a space for members of the African community to share and exchange ideas and information, but it is also open to all Africans who are conscious of the problems that we are experiencing, and who are anxious to elevate their cultural and spiritual consciousness in order to defend effectively the interests of African people. Through its site, AI offers knowledge of our history and spirituality, thus enabling one to embark on the path of African Renaissance.

The AI Forum is divided in several discussion areas, based on their respective Afrocentric focus : General discussion, spirituality, economics, music, culture, humor, sports, … Read this Chart and introduce yourself in the topic presentation member section in order to be admitted in the community.

Access and Registration Conditions

Complete access to the forum requires a free of charge registration by completing a form. A functional email address must be provided at that time, for discussion follow-ups and reception of messages from the forum’s administrators. Multiple registration under different pseudonyms is not authorized.

For the sake of protecting your private life, it is recommended that when you register you provide an anonymous name (pseudonym) as your user name. In case one should select the name of a famous personalilty, or a famous product or trade mark, a telephone number or address email, etc., the moderators may have to modify such name in order to conform to the Chart. This way, the decision to use a real name or a protected name will not engage AI’s responsibility vis-à-vis a third party.


The memorization of identifiers and passwords can be done with a cookie stocked on your computer, in order to speed up access to the site. It is recommended to users who might use a public computer to disconnect at the end of their session in order to ensure that nobody else uses their account.

A user may freely make their private information (email address, street address, name, etc.) public. However, they must be informed that in so doing, they expose themselves to being contacted directly by other people, and that their information might be taken by computer robots alien to the forum since any information made public in the forum is indexed and memorized by the main search engines. Under no circumstances can AI be held be responsible for the consequences of such divulgation.

Upon a simple request, and in case s/he cannot do it themselves with the tools made available for profile management purposes, the team of moderators will modify certain elements of his/her profile, or some his/here messages in an attempt to protect his/her private life, and eventually, his/her anonymity.

AI Forum has and retains possession of all data susceptible to help identify authors of messages, and archives privately all posted messages. This information can be communicated only to a law agency requesting it.

Posted messages

The person who proposes a discussion theme must make every effort to provide an explicit title. Messages and topics must be written correctly and must be comprehensible to all.

For the good readability of the forum, the use of lower case letters is highly recommended since upper case letters give the impression that one is raising their voice. It is also asked that users avoid abreviated language, such as the one used to send text messages.

Users are invited to behave in a cordial and respectful manner, to express themselves in a way that can be understood by using respectful language and messages, and in using correct grammar and spelling.

Management of the Forum

The management of information consists in accepting, moving into another more appropriate section, or rejecting the totality or part of a given information posted by a user.

The moderators’ objective is to ensure that the Chart’s principles are applied, while making sure that the forum remains a space opened to as many Africans as possible. The management is done a posteriori. The team of moderators retain the right to edit or remove messages deemed in violation of the Chart, or in opposition to the community’s values.
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